Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ebb and flow

 Rebe making bread
Benny's trouser design
 Benny's trousers
 Joa's home, a picture he did at preschool. They have been talking about homes and family this week. The preschool have really embraced that our family has a different shape to the conventional family unit. They are really supporting us and Joa in this and I am so happy about that.

 Joa's Christmas card design: 2 jellyfish licking the jellyfish in the middle with 3 festive gifts floating above them.
 Rebe's tidied and reorganized room
 Benny and Joa's play corner in their room
work (or play)

This week I have really been feeling the ebb and flow of energy. This is normal enough for me anyway, but heightened due to the pregnancy. Some days I can re-organise and tidy half the house, bake and cook for a week and the next day I can hardly move and fall asleep several times during the day (whenever I sit down really). I'm learning to ride these waves of energy to enjoy it while it is there and to allow myself to rest and ask for help when I have nothing left to spare.

Today is more of a resting day, music playing, the heating on and my knitting on my lap.

Friday, November 14, 2014

whatever happened to october?

it just went past in a whirl!
There were the usual goings on...

processing a sackful of apples from our friend's orchard

the carving of pumpkins... best tried out in a darkened toilet!
 Lots of play, taking advantage, when we could, of the mild weather we've been having.
Benny's quarry game
 Crafting: Rebe made this 7 foot snakes out of old socks.

 Drawing: the kids working on spare copies of my mackerel pictures I've been working on in art class.

Getting hair cuts: This was Joa's first ever hair cut at a barbers. He asked the lady, 'Please can you cut my hair in a spike?' She tried her very best but even with 2 loads of extra-strong hair gel his hair wouldn't stay in a spike for more than a second. I guess the curl is too strong!
 I've been working away as best I could too. I made this sweet trio of dolls, little sisters that Santa asked me to make to be delivered by him on Christmas Eve (how I love that I am one of Santa's elves).
 and very excitingly I have finally finished writing my Under Rainbows patterns. I have been working on then for a few months; writing the patterns, taking pictures for tutorials, finding test sewers and knitters and then painstakingly getting them all put together and ready for sale in my etsy shop.
 There are full doll making tutorials for both Snuggle Buddies and 16" dressable waldorf dolls and there are clothing patterns for boy and girl dolls and all sorts of knitting patterns. I am so proud and happy to be able to sell these patterns. Oh and if you use the code SEWHAPPY there is 10% off this week.
 This is the link to my shop:
 But that is not all... the real reason for the crazy busy fleeting past of October are these 3 things:

1. Garry officially moved in here Under Rainbows. Although he has been staying here unofficially for several months we made it official and moved all of his things here (including several...hundred...Elvis' or Elvi I think is the plural?!) So that was a lot of sorting and cleaning and moving. We piled everything into this house thinking we would have weeks to sort it all out and then...
2. He was taken into hospital in agony. Poor thing had a prolapsed disc in his neck giving him such severe pain that the hospital could do nothing for him to control the pain resulting in surgery after 10 days in A&E. That was a difficult time for us all, worrying and stressful and very, very tiring, but there was a very special moment in the middle of it....
 Garry was wheeled through the hospital into the maternity ward so that he could be there for our first ultra sound checking on our beautiful wee baby!!!!

We are so excited and happy. I am now 16 weeks. The nausea has passed thank goodness and that awful hit-by-a-truck tiredness has gone too replaced with general pregnancy tiredness.

We are due in spring, probably the beginning of May and I am feeling tiny flutterings already and I am dying to knit and sew teeny tiny baby things!
Garry's operation was successful and he is now on the long road to recovery.
Sp, now we are up-to-date and all of that crazy stuff is out of the way perhaps I can get back into a better rhythm again and I hope this will give me more time to blog, to record and share with you this very special time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

birthday mayhem

On Monday was Garry's Birthday. Luckily he had the day off work. It was so lovely to be able to spend it together. 
We had a relaxing morning, doing very little while the older 2 were at school. Garry opened cards from his mum and mine.
 This present has been waiting for him for several weeks so he was delighted to finally get to open it...
 My mum made him this Elvis jumpsuit. He is so happy with it, it is amazing!!

 When the older 2 got home they quickly did their homework and went and got changed. I heard Rebe say to Benny: 'Come on let's do it fast and then there will be Birthday Mayhem!'....

donuts instead of a cake

much calmer mayhem


lots of love
 We went out for a gorgeous dinner at Blue Haven in Kinsale. The food was amazing and the service super. The kids were beautifully behaved so the whole experience was very special.

the only mature picture I got of him from the whole day

banana split mayhem

Joa's ice cream and 'jelly fish'
 After dinner we took the kids to see the Giant's Cottage, but we had to be very quiet in case we woke him.
 There was time for a quick concert before heading home...

 Thankfully, our gift to Garry had arrived just in time so he got to open it when we got home again...
Birthday Mayhem...albeit very calm and lovely :-)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

early autumn

It's so beautiful here at the moment. There is still so much warmth in the sun whose light is soft and golden. Each morning as we drive through the village on the way to school my breath is taken away by how beautiful everything is. The colour of the trees and the way the light plays on the water. I love this time of year, it feels like a sighing out-breath after the brightness and busy-ness of the summer. It is a time to harvest the work done over the summer and it also triggers me to look inwards again; to home, and home comforts, organising and baking and knitting!
Benny and I found loads of conkers (horse chestnuts) one day last week on a trip to get him new boots. Hunting for them among the trees made us feel like we were searching for gems and precious stones and indeed we felt rich when we came home with a boot box filled with deep brown shiny treasures.
At first the conkers were people: children in a shoe box school, or prisoners. Then Garry showed them how to play conkers: stringing them onto colour cotton and seeing which conker is the strongest in battle.
The garden is slowly taking shape again, there is still so much work to be done, but we are enjoying the ripe tomatoes and abundant rocket.

 Garry built a new fence out of pallets, it looks lovely and he has plans to put some window boxes along the bottom filled with herbs or trailing flowers.
 Life has of course been full: full of the everyday, of school runs and appointments and house work, much housework!
The kids are all really enjoying school. Rebe complains about it, but she does so well and her work has become so much more interesting this year and she is bringing home wonderful homework: history, geography and even her English comprehension is interesting. Benny loves school and particularly loves Irish. When he knows the words he speaks to me in Irish too!
Joa is really enjoying pre-school and comes back each day filled with stories of what he has been doing.
 Joa drew this picture of Maggie (one of our dogs) after she had some kind of a seizure. It was pretty scary but luckily she is no worse for it and fingers crossed it was a one off event. So Joa drew her a get well soon picture. I love that he basically drew a person, but with fur! It says a lot about his relationship with dogs!

I've been drawing too:
 My art classes have started back up again (yay!). For my first lesson I took along a mackerel the kids had caught on a fishing trip with Andy. I drew it with pencil and I plan for the coming to weeks to make some photocopies of it and use all my lovely new art materials to fill in the colour.

We went to a lovely naming ceremony a few weeks ago friends of ours were having for their little son. Rebe made him this beautiful ball out of felt. It was a fairly easy little project, I helped her with the sewing machine part, but she did the rest herself. I think the pattern is from 'Making Toys for Children'.
 and I decorated this little wooden treasure box for him. Our guys still love the treasure boxes I gave them a few years ago so I thought it would make a nice naming present for him.
 Of course amid all of this (and other) goings on I have been working away on my doll waiting list.

These are a couple of dolls I finished in the last month. I have also been working pretty hard at getting my patterns ready for sale. I have had test knitters and sewers try them out for me and I am hoping that come October I will have several knitting patterns, sewing patterns for clothing and also a snuggle buddy and a 16" waldorf doll tutorial ready for sale in my etsy shop!! I'll let you know of course when they are ready :-)